This Grassland simulation gives you control over many factors in an ecosystem. Set up a population using the controls on the left, adjust its properties using the controls at the bottom, and see what happens! If you have a hypothesis, put it to the test! Feel free to try things on a whim as you start out. If you would like some specific help in planning your procedure, click here!
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Beginning State
?? Bunny Colonies
?? Wolf Packs
??% Grass Health
Island Grassland

?? Cells with 100% Grass
?? Cells with 90% Grass
?? Cells with 80% Grass
?? Cells with 70% Grass
?? Cells with 60% Grass
?? Cells with 50% Grass
?? Cells with 40% Grass
?? Cells with 30% Grass
?? Cells with 20% Grass
?? Cells with 10% Grass
?? Cells with 0% Grass
Controls for changing the variables...

Grass Health (100%)

Bunny Fertility (100%)

Wolf Fertility (100%)

Hunting Skill (100%)

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Place Bunnies
Toggle Grass Health
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